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AKDGAME COMPANY LIMITED is a renowned publisher of mobile games. We are now monitoring the evolving global gaming market and investing in the mobile internet and gaming related companies with growth potential. We hope to provide users worldwide with innovative entertainment experiences.


Email: akdgame@163.com

The Company Limited respects and protects the personal privacy ofall service users. In order to provide you with more accurate and morepersonalized service, the Company will use and disclose your personalinformation in accordance with the provisions of this Privacy Policy. However,the Company will treat such information in a high degree of diligence and discretion.Except as otherwise provided in this Privacy Policy, without your priorconsent, the Company will not disclose such information to any third party. TheCompany will continue to update this privacy policy. At the time you agree tothe Company’s Service Agreement, you are deemed to have agreed to all of thecontents of this Privacy Policy. This Privacy Policy belongs to an integralpart of the Service Agreement.

1. Information Use

The Company fully respects and protects all personal informationsubmitted and generated by users during use of website services provided by theCompany. Except as otherwise provided in the terms, the Company, without theprior consent of the user, will not disclose the user’s privacy information toany third party. Except with your permission, the third party or the Companyindividually or collectively serving you will be denied access to yourinformation, including all previously accessible information upon terminationof the service.

2. Information Storageand Exchange

Your information and data collected by the Company will be storedon the Company’s servers and (or) its affiliates’ servers. Such information anddata may be transferred to foreign countries outside the country or region inwhich you are currently located, or the location where information and data iscollected, and accessed and stored in foreign countries.

3. Information Administration

Without disclosing user’s privacy information, the company isentitled the technical analysis of the entire user database, and use it for commercialpurposes after such analysis (including, but not limited to publishing, analyzing,or by other means, utilize the user’s access volume, access time, preferencesand other user data).

4. Using Cookies to CollectData

We may use cookies to collect user data, which helps users when revisitingthe site. Cookies are small pieces of data sent by a web server and stored in aweb browser so that the data can be read from the browser in the future.Currently, the data collected from cookies is used to improve service function.Data provided by the Company is analyzed and organized based on cumulative useof the service by users. Cookies helps the login process operate faster and moresmoothly, and can store data between calls.

You may disable cookies in your browser without affecting your experienceon our website, but cookies do make our services more convenient. Disablingcookies may make using our service more complicated and involve more inputprocedures. You should also note that if you disable cookies, some features ofthe Company's services may be affected.

5. Privacy Policy Update

The Company reserves the right to revise the terms of the PrivacyPolicy at any time. Without prior notice to individual users, we may publishrevisions on the corresponding webpages when revising the terms. If a user doesnot agree to the revised content, the user may stop using all services providedby the Company. If the user continues to use any service provided by theCompany, the user is deemed to have accepted the revised content provided bythe Company.

This Agreement is a contract entered into by the platform member(hereinafter referred to as "Party A") and AKDGAME COMPANY LIMITED (hereinafter referred to as "Party B") on the gaming servicesprovided by Party B. Once registered as a member Party B, Party A agrees and iswilling to abide by all of the following terms.

Article I Scope of the Agreement

Party B provides Party A with mobile gaming services and otherrelated services (hereinafter referred to as the Service), Party A shall fullyabide by this Agreement and rules of game supervision. With regard to therights and obligations of the service, both parties shall adhere to terms ofthis Agreement.

Article II Contents of Service

Contents provided by Party B and based on actual circumstances isto offer users rich online resources via the Internet in its own operatingsystem, including a variety of information tools, game links, e-mail, etc.Unless otherwise explicitly stated, any new feature that improves or enhancesthe current service, including new products, will be unconditionally applicableunder this Service Agreement. Party B has the right to expand its services, andservices provided by Party B may change from time to time. As for fee-basedservices, advance notice will be given before the service is made available online.Timing of such advance notice will be at the discretion of Party B. Freeservice will not require notice, unless Party B considers it to be necessary.

Article III User Account (user account, password and security)

1. User account registration

Users must agree to all terms of this Agreement and complete theregistration procedure. After a user has successfully registered, Party B willgive the user an account and corresponding password. Users will keep their ownID and passwords, and should be responsible for activities under theiraccounts.

2. Safeguarding of user account

In order to provide this service to Party A, Party B will notdisclose Party A’s name, address, contact address, e-mail, account number,password or other personal information, unless:

2.1 Party A authorizes Party B to disclose such personalinformation.

2.2 Relevant laws or administrative regulations require Party B todisclose Party A’s personal information.

2.3 Party B needs to disclose such personal information in orderto protect its intellectual property and other property rights.

Party B will take commercially reasonable means to protectpersonal information of Party A. Party A shall not transfer or lend its accountand password to others. Party B does not assume any liability for any illegaluse of Party A's account or password by others and resulting consequences dueto Party A’s negligence in safeguarding its account or password.

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